Saving Butterflies to Save Ourselves

Transforming how we interact with nature and with neighbors
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Wild plants that host butterflies in south florida
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About Us

Bound by Beauty is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform how we interact with nature and with neighbors to create more beautiful, resilient and sustainable communities, using butterflies as the catalyst for change.

join the fight against climate change from your garden.

We designed a simple step-by-step guide to creating a biodiverse sanctuary filled with butterflies, bees and birdsong.  Although aimed at gardens in South Florida, the same principles apply no matter where you live.

13th annual Green Day street fair

Come join Bound by Beauty to celebrate the 13th annual Green Day street fair in downtown Miami Shores, where residents and visitors can explore fun activities, eat good food, mingle with friends and neighbors and – most importantly – learn about how each one of us can help heal Mother Earth by planting native plants, providing habitat for pollinators, harvesting rain water, composting kitchen and yard waste, and much more. We’d love to see you at our booth on April 29th from 3-7 pm!

Greening the shores

(and eventually all of South Florida)
Is your garden pesticide-free & pollinator friendly in Miami Shores? 
Our goal is to inspire neighbors to join forces to create gardens and communities filled with the beauty and wonder of wildlife. 

If you live in Miami Shores and have a pesticide-free garden, get on the map!
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Show your commitment to protecting nature and inspire your neighbors by displaying our outdoor, weather-proof Biodiverse Sanctuary garden sign, designed by artist/activist/graphic designer Melanie Oliva.

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Your support makes a difference
We are passionate about pollinators and about conserving the important biodiversity that our lives depend on.  

We want our children’s and grandchildren’s futures to be full of the beauty of butterflies and birdsong, the magic of migration and metamorphosis. We depend on grants and donations to keep our work going.


If you would like to collaborate with Bound by Beauty on any of our projects or support us by becoming a sponsor, please email us at info@boundbybeauty.org. We would love to see your name/logo on our website.

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