Miami Shores Village Comes Together to Create a Butterfly Circle at Constitution Park

Members of Bound by Beauty’s Rebel Botanist Gang joined members of the Miami Shores Village staff to create the first ever Butterfly Circle (first ever! Anywhere!). During these uncertain times, this action provides a glimmer of hope for our environment, a moment of unity creating something important that makes our community more beautiful, resilient, and sustainable.

By: Mary Benton, Co-Founder of Bound by Beauty
Liangy Calli of Bound by Beauty working with Village Manager Esmond Scott to create the outline of the circle using pink lawn flags stamped with butterflies. Assistant Village Manager Tanya Wilson and Recreation Director Angie Dorney await their turns to help

The first step in creating a Butterfly Circle is identifying the wild plants in the grass that host butterflies. We are working on a field guide to help teachers, students, parents, and nature lovers do just that! Here’s a sneak peek:

Marking their location is next. We use hot pink flags stamped with butterflies because we can’t help ourselves!

Now that you know where the plants are, you can figure out the best size and placement of the Circle.

We used pink lawn flags to mark the circumference of the circle, which was measured out by a bamboo stake in the center and a 5’ length of string to create a 10’ diameter circle.  Since this is in a public park, we centered the circle between two sidewalks to look nice.

You don’t really “need” any of these tools, other than the field guide to help you identify the plants.  Although we have to admit our Butterfly Circle signs are gorgeous.  They were designed by artist and graphic designer Melanie Oliva based on the gorgeous paintings Bound by Beauty commissioned by artist Kim Heise.

Tools and beautiful signs aside, it was great fun creating the Circle together with a group of people who want the best for our wonderful community.  Many thanks to Mayor Sandra Harris for supporting this project, and to Village Manager Esmond Scott; Assistant Village Manager Tanya Wilson; Recreation Director Angie Dorney; Recreation Superintendent Jackie Villagran; Assistant Public Works Director Frank Ruiz; members of Bound by Beauty’s board, and of the Rebel Botanists’ Gang for coming out on a bright sunny day to help create a biodiverse and sustainable sanctuary for butterflies and other pollinators.  How beautiful and important is that?

The Butterfly Circle may not look like much now, but as the wild plants within the circle begin to grow, unmolested by mowers and weed whackers, and begin to attract more and more butterflies and other important native insects, it will become a beautiful biodiverse sanctuary full of life, promise, and opportunities for education.

And we’re just getting started: stay tuned for more Butterfly Circles!


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