Greening South FLorida

Inspiring neighbors to join forces to create pesticide-free, pollinator-friendly communities filled with the beauty of wildlife.

This is a tall order, but we have a plan.  It begins with a map of Miami Shores:

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If you live in Miami Shores, you and your landscaper/pest control guy don’t use chemical pesticides (or broadcast spray any pesticides) and, better yet, you also plant flowers with nectar for pollinators, you can join our map.  If you don't live in the Shores and would like to create a map of your neighborhood or city, please contact us; we're working on a methodology that get you started.

We hope this visual representation of what is happening on the ground will inspire neighbors to want to join in and help weave healthy green corridors for pollinators and other important wildlife throughout our village.  Imagine how beautiful, resilient and sustainable we will become!

Imagine if more and more communities showed how their green spaces were growing.  It would be such a sign of hope for the future.  

And speaking of signs, our plan also includes Garden Signs that we hope will intrigue and inspire your neighbors to create their own biodiverse sanctuaries
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All of our other programs, from the Network of Neighborhood Nurturies, to the Butterfly Foster Garden Program, The Rebel Botanists Gang, and our Educational Outreach, are designed to reinforce our efforts to turn South Florida green by inspiring people to join the movement by creating and expanding pesticide-free, pollinator-friendly gardens and corridors, thereby building more beautiful, resilient, and sustainable communities.  
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