Climate Change and Composting: How You Can Help Save the World

There is something you can do about climate change, and you can save money while helping save the world.

By: Mary Benton, Co-Founder of Bound by Beauty
By Xavier DeRoos and Mary Benton

Many of us have seen the movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ and understand its message about the perils of ignoring climate change. Even if you haven’t seen it, you have likely heard about the terrible fires in Colorado, California and other parts of the west, or the flooding or the tornadoes or the high temperatures in the Arctic. And you are likely to have experienced out-of-the-ordinary weather in your neck of the woods. It’s awful, terrible, scary…right? And there’s nothing you can do about it…right?

We’re here to tell you that there is something you can do about it, and you can save money while helping save the world: you can compost your kitchen and yard waste trash instead of sending it off to the landfillComposting is the natural process of breaking down organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can make your plants happy, fight climate change, reduce landfill waste and therefore greenhouse gases, and reduce the need for artificial fertilizer application on plants.

Renüable believes the whole world should aim to be more sustainable.  And Bound by Beauty believes that what we do in our own backyards can make a world of difference in fighting climate change.  So we teamed up to present a webinar on composting in which Xavier explains the ins and outs of about the process to help ensure its success.

Starting to compost, improving your composting operation, or joining a community composting program is a win all around for you, your garden, and the planet.  Click on the link below to see Xavier's presentation.  And thank you for wanting to be part of the solution!


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