Butterfly Circle Project

Coming to a park or schoolyard near you.

What is a Butterfly Circle?

It is a new concept in sustainable butterfly gardening for South Florida that creates biodiverse pollinator sanctuaries wherever herbicides are not used. Butterfly Circles:

  • Contain mostly native wild plants that host butterflies that are commonly viewed as “weeds” and are present in most gardens, swales, parks, and schoolyards throughout the region.
  • Attract numerous insect pollinators in addition to the butterflies, including native bees drawn to their nectar.
  • Require watering only during extreme drought and very little maintenance: once the circle is formed around the wild plants, the only work required is to mow as usual around the circle, occasionally cut the wild plants back a few inches to stimulate new growth and remove any invasive plants that start to take over.
  • Provide scope for education for all ages.
Why a circle?
Circles are universal symbols with extensive meaning. Last but not least they are very easy to mow around!


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