Although we try to focus our attention on native host and nectar plants, we also include various types of milkweed that are not native.

Bound by Beauty received a grant from the Miami Shores Community Alliance to develop a prototype seed germination kit that will be used in a pilot project involving 15-20 seniors in our community. We will teach Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts how to germinate locally-sourced native pollinator plant seeds that we harvest in our Network of Neighborhood Nurturies.  The Scouts, in turn, will find senior citizens in their church community who are unable to get out and about much, and teach them how to germinate and nurture the seedlings.  Once the seedlings are well started, they can be planted in the seniors’ gardens, in the gardens at the church, or returned to Bound by Beauty for use in schools throughout the community.  We have the prototype seed starter kit, and a graphic designer is working on the colorful inserts that give information about the plant and its role in nature on one side, and propagation and planting instructions on the reverse side.

We at Bound by Beauty believe that this program will bring people together to create a more beautiful and resilient community and we are raring to go!  Stay tuned for more!

Tropical or scarlet sage is very easy to germinate, and it comes in pink and white as well. It is a wonderful pollinator and hummingbird plant. 
Seashore ageratum is a lovely low-growing plant that attracts a variety of pollinators to its nectar.
Tickseed is a cheerful yellow flower.