Flutter Fete

Passionate about pollinators!
Passionate about pollinators!


Butterflies are among Nature’s most beautiful and vulnerable creatures, put at grave risk by the thoughtless actions of mankind.  Butterflies are also a powerful symbol of transformation, and have been viewed by many cultures as representing the human soul. Bound by Beauty uses the power of the butterfly to transform ourselves into people who nurture the world around us, who work with neighbors to create a community with strong bonds, people filled with determination  to heal the damage we have done, to safeguard our children’s drinking water, to create a healthy and resilient world full of beautiful butterflies.  We are shaking off the spell cast by “business as usual” and “there’s nothing we can do”, and becoming mindful inhabitants of our glorious planet, and good neighbors to all that surrounds us.

Bound by Beauty was borne aloft by a Flutter Fete, a gathering in a historic home of kindred spirits and creative energy, for cocktails, conversation, and collaboration.  Maria Font of mariafontphotography.com  took the wonderful photos of the happy event.  Kudos to Pete Gonzalez for inventing The Social Butterfly, a delectable cocktail featuring Passion fruit juice, to celebrate our connection with the butterflies who lay their eggs on the Passion vine.  Come find our booth at the Green Day fair here in beautiful Miami Shores on October 22.  And look for more wonderful events to come, in a garden or on a block near you!

Mary Benton, Founder and President, Bound by Beauty

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