Mission statement:

Bound by Beauty’s mission is to transform how we interact with nature and with neighbors to create a safer, stronger, healthier, more beautiful and resilient community, using butterflies as the catalyst for change. Our motto is: Connect, Educate, Transform, Replicate.



Bound by Beauty is a nonprofit organization started by volunteers who recognize the transformational power of butterflies when used as a positive proxy for combating climate change and sea level rise.   We believe that by saving butterflies, we can save ourselves.  Butterflies have the power to transform people into nurturers of nature who join forces to protect the beauty of the planet.  Starting garden by garden and block by block, we are weaving a strong web of connections between neighbors who spend more time outdoors, while weaving a web of corridors between butterfly and wildlife gardens. Our volunteers, from Scouts to senior citizens, share our passion for preserving nature.  And we’re making it all replicable, so other communities in south Florida can follow our example, weaving a stronger and larger web of healthy green space throughout the region. We are all in this together — regardless of age, gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, politics, or religion — and this planet is our only home. Please join us in our efforts to protect and preserve the beautiful nature that sustains us all!