Butterfly/Healing Community Garden Planned in Miami Shores

Bound by Beauty’s team is collaborating with Pastor Meg Watson and the Miami Shores Community Church to create a butterfly/healing garden that will be open to all members of the Miami Shores community, when school is not in session.  The conceptual design involves three main areas: a butterfly meadow; a pine rockland; and a forest retreat.  This will be a place for inspiration, healing, meditation, and prayer, while surrounded by the beauty of butterflies and a healthy natural environment.  During the school day, the children will have a chance to explore the many aspects of this natural learning environment.

The Three Garden Zones


The Gathering Spaces


The Butterfly Meadow


The Pine Rockland

Forest Retreat


Perimeters and Passages


How you can help


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3 thoughts on “Butterfly/Healing Community Garden Planned in Miami Shores

  1. Janet Carabelli Reply

    Hi, it’s Janet . . . If we’re in town, I’ll help with the installation/planting!

  2. Elizabeth Burleigh Reply

    Fabulous project! Can’t wait to see the photos!

  3. Bound by Beauty Reply

    We look forward to transforming the garden and posting photos!

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